Deer Hide Bracelets


I cut these into three laces, pointing the ends. Then they are braided and finished with my hand made deer antler buttons.
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 These Bracelets are made of deer hide that I cut into 2 laces, pointing each. They are both twisted the same direction as the other ends spins in reverse making a primitive 2 strand cordage. I make the deer antler buttons with only 1 hole to accomadate the 2 tips of lace. Once pulled through, a knot is tied to hold the button at the chosen size. This you can easily move as needed for resizing.

Colors: Cream, Gold, Lt. Brown, Med. Brown, Dk. Brown, Black. Sizes: Sm. 7”, Med. 8”, Lg. 9”

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Sm. 7'', Med. 8'', Lg. 9''


Cream, Gold, Lt. Brown, Med. Brown, Dark Brown, Black


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