This is a pic of me “on the right” and my best pals and Gal over 25 years ago now while I was Wrangling Horses for an outfit in the Cuyamaca Mountains of east San Diego county. This is an authentic Native American “Center Seam Pucker Toe” design that I make exclusively and have perfected in so doing. I make these to your measurements “only”, and I guarantee the fit. The “Chitimacha” natives of Louisiana first created this Moccasin over 10,000 years ago.
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A tried and true design that has stood up to the test of time. I make these from Trophy Bull Elk Rumps. This is the very best part of animal for making footwear as it happens. The base moccasin, or the “Upper” is 1 piece. The Midsole is also 1 piece and is laminated onto the upper providing lateral support around your entire foot as well as a “Heel Cup”, like you find on a good hiking shoe, This keeps you centered over the sole area without shifting. Assisted by my exclusive lacing design which keeps your toes pushed forward onto the balls of your feet for better balance while also not having a lace cut into your Achilles tendon area.  Learn to walk gently, Toe to heel and you will experience better overall foot health as well as better posture and balance. The 2 layer “re-solable” sole is made of Heavy Bull Hide. Once you wear a hole through the first layer, The 2nd “Safety” layer gives you plenty of time to get them back to me for a resoling. These are laminated onto the 2 layers of The Bull Elk “Upper”, that covers your entire foot. Making them a total of 4 layers thick at the sole area, over 1/2 inch thick all together, plus the padding of a Natural fleece insole.  I put the 1 inch thick “Saddle Bark” sheep fleece insoles in for comfort. These can also be replaced at the time of resoling. These will not make your feet sweat like man made poly pile fleece will do. These materials breath. The same material is put under bed ridden patients for air circulation. The entire Moccasin is then Hand Laced with Hand Cut Deer Hide in an “X” pattern. Should you happen to blow one of these out which I have never seen, never fear, this was designed to be replaceable. There are only 3 laced seams to turn the fully laminated flat piece into a funtioning moccasin.  That is why I chose this pattern all those years ago. The utter simplicity of its design. Fewer seams means Less to go wrong in the field. Designed for rugged use of all kinds. Limit their use on pavement is the only rule. Leather soles make for a kenetically grounded experience on the natural earth. The best Moccasins that your hard earned money can buy. You’ll need to email or call me to set up a Skype appointment to take your order over the internet or schedule a good time to come into my workshop to be personally fitted. Free Shipping with your order of these Moccasins.


You will not be disappointed.  all earth tone colors available.

Knee-Hi Boots $1,000

Ankle-Hi Booties  $750

Slippers  $500

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