Firewood in Idyllwild

The difference is in the TYPE. I sell imported AVOCADO. A semi-hard fruit wood, Cured to perfection.
It burns hotter and longer than the local Pine or Cedar. The Motels all prefer it to Pine, because it doesn’t pop sparks onto the carpets, etc…
It does not build up soot in their chimneys either. The ash is heavier, so doesn’t become as airborne as pine ash can. I sell large 1.5 cu. ft. Bundles for $10, and 5 cu. ft. tightly packed and overflowing trash barrels for $50.
I have the ONLY, “OLDE TIME HONOR SYSTEM” in Idyllwild. Centrally located, well lit, 24 hour Self Service. Well marked Envelopes are posted on my front door. Please put the appropriate amount in the envelope and drop it thru the antique “LETTER” slot below the envelopes. Once you try my Firewood, you’ll be back for more. Firestarters are always available on the front door after hours. You always get True Value for your money at my place. 23 years of satisfied return customers can’t be wrong.
Thank you very kindly,
Mountain Mike

Map to the Store

Front Door

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Firewood Bundle Location

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