Hello… I am Mountain Mike. I’d like to invite you to my shop. Each and every item in my store is
hand crafted by myself. I have worked at my respective crafts for over 43 years. My Leather Works are virtually Lost Arts.

I have a workshop and a retail store. I am a Designer, Tailor, Craftsman, Manufacturer. I have been 43 winters in these mountains, wearing the items that I offer for sale. All of my work is of the finest quality money can buy.  I also sell firewood 24/7 by the olde time honor system. See our firewood page for details. All In beautiful mile-high Idyllwild, Calif. Town and Highway are Biker Friendly.

I stand behind all of my work 100%.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

Mountain Mike: The Story

Enjoy a Walk Through My Store!

The Quick Draw Holster promo video!