These Beautifully Hand Crafted Palm Leaf Hats have created a tribal income for the Maya Quiche’ of Guatemala. From them hand gathering the “Naturally White” unopened fronds from canoes, they are then dried on the beach. These are then sold to the women and children who make Plait Braids that are then sold to the Men and Women who sew the braids into the hats. Sewing in spiral from the center they overlap 3 or more stitches using treadle sewing machines. I buy these through an American wholesaler in every brim width and size there is. I then Hand Shape each hat individually to your specifications, without the use of blocks of any kind. I can make custom leather hatbands, etc…I also offer high quality Adjustable Horse Hair hatbands and stampede strings. Palm Leaf Hats now come with a UPF 50+ sun protection rating. These hats are 10 times stronger than straw, and with reasonable care will last 5-10 years. Indulge yourself in an extra fine piece of shade.

You can build your own by going to our custom hat page, click here!

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I style these Sombreros in tradition of the OLDE TYME Vaqueros, Charros, Ranchers, Lawmen, Cattlemen, Pioneers, Spaniards, and Gentlemen. These fine Sombreros have a history far older than Stetons.

The prices listed are for a Hand Shaped Hat in any style, that has been stiffened with water based acrylic which softens with use but still holds its form. I offer ventilation eyelets of Brass or Nickel at No Extra Charge. All added decorum: Hatbands, Conchos, Stampede strings are an additional charge. Visit my “Custom Made” page to build your own unique hat, Its a ONE OF A KIND experience. The ready made Hats pictured can be bought “AS IS” in your size. They are priced as marked. Tax and shipping is calculated at Checkout. Outside of the lower 48 states  there will be additional charges. Please contact me by email if you live outside this area. Thank you kindly.