Leather Work

Blanket or Jacket Roll, 8-9 oz. Latigo leather, Protects from grime and sun, Black or burgandy, with baja blanket- $200.00 without blanket-$175.00

Blanket Option

Custom Laptop Sachel of Elk Hide-$325.00

Custon Backpack of American Bison Hide-$500.00

Custom Double Bit Axe Holster-$90.00


Custom - Hunting Pouch or Purse-$225.00

Custom - Hunting Pouch or Purse-$240.00


Custom Possibles-Hunting Pouch, Elk Hide-$250.00

Custom Deringer Holster,
Attaches under a table with screws or can be worn
on a belt or elastic leg strap-$60.00


Buck 110 Folding Hunter with an aftermarket hole drilled
in the Bolster and Deer Hide Thong attached for a
secure pull from My Quick Draw Holsters-$90.00

Custom Dagger Sheath-$90.00


Custom Combat Knife with camphored Sheath for a
Slash and Stab fighting pull-$90.00

Custom Straight Blade Sheath-$80.00


Quick Draw Holster, Left hand worn on the right side, These are designed to be a cross draw style. Back Side, Showing belt Feed and Business Logo, Black-$50.00

Quick Draw without tooling, Right or Left Hande, Cross Draw, Dk. Brown-$40.00

Quick Draw without tooling, Right or Left Handed, Cross Draw, Lt. Brown-$40.00


Quick Draw with and without tooling, Front side of Left Handed, Cross Draw-$40.00 and $50.00

Quick Drawwithout Tooling

Choose Color

Quick Draw with Tooling

Choose Color